Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dyson Model DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

dyson model dc25 reviews ratings opinions

dyson model dc25 ball animal reviews ratings opinions

After reading a few Dyson Model DC25 vacuum cleaner reviews, I decided to call a close friend of mine and beg her to allow me to take her Dyson DC25 animal ball upright vacuum for a spin around the old home place only to have her suggest that I might want to call ANOTHER girlfriend of ours to try the All Floors model first because I might be able to buy it off her for a very cheap price.

The fact that somebody would want to unload a practically new vacuum cleaner for a super cheap price did not strike me as a compliment to the brand. Why would somebody want to sell a vacuum cleaner that worked well unless they had received another one as a gift or they were moving and needed to go the lightweight route? And what was the big difference in the all floors and the animal ball version? There are a lot of Dyson reviews, so many in fact that they started to run together.

With nothing to lose but time, to get some hands on experience and not to mention some details for my Dyson Model CD25 Vacuum Cleaner reviews I asked friend number one to let me pick up her Dyson DC25 animal ball vacuum on the way to pick up friend number two’s Dyson All Floors model so that I could clean and compare simultaneously.

In the interest of keeping the Dyson Model DC25 reviews, ratings and opinions separate and organized, I am going to make a list of my likes and dislikes of each vacuum cleaner rather than to ramble on and get all wordy. Don’t you just hate it when you have to read paragraph after paragraph of information to get to the heart of consumer product reviews?



It is reasonably lightweight at 16 pounds and

I prefer vacuums with a bag but as far as bagless models go this one is very easy to empty and I suppose there is the upside of not having to buy bags.

Good filtration with no dusty smell. It's too soon to tell if it was good or bad for my baby girl's asthma and allergies.

It cleaned both wood and tile floors very nicely but I could see from vacuuming the little bit of carpet that we have that I might not have been able to give the Dyson DC25 a high rating if we had more carpet and less hardwood rather than the other way around.


I was surprised at how expensive the DC25 is. The cheapest price that I found was on HSN at 499.95 which has a high customer review rating and not far behind was Best Buy’s price at $522.49 on July 14, 2009.

The Dyson DC25 is bagless and I don’t care how cyclonic it is, I prefer not to look at my dirt once it’s been sucked up.

The cord was a little short for me at 24 feet long. I hate having to plug and unplug the cord while I’m boogying the vacuum around the house.

As far as making comparisons between the Dyson DC25 All Floors and the Dyson DC25 Animal I found no major differences to mention in my Dyson DC25 Review other than the differences in color (the Animal’s purple color worked better with my home’s d├ęcor). You will pay an extra $50.00 for the Animal and for the money you get the turbine head attachment which when purchased separately retails for $69.99. If you have the need for the Mini Turbine Head attachment then you should get the Dyson DC 25 Animal Ball and pay the $50.00 to save the $19.99.

I have since had another lady call me to ask if I wanted to try out her Dyson DC17 and she is dropping it by in the morning and I’m going to watch a video review of the Dyson DC25 with comparisons to the DC17 before she makes her delivery. Who knows, with all the free floor cleaning machines that I’m getting I may never have to actually buy a new vacuum cleaner.

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  1. Thanks for posting your review. I was wondering what in the world you would get for an extra $200 for the Animal instead of the DC25? I appreciate your time in doing the work for me.