Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dyson Animal Vacuum

After using the Dyson DC25 Animal for the first time, I wondered should it be called the Dyson Animal Vacuum for reasons that I have only just discovered and will share with you. To bring those of you who just found my new product reviews and opinions blog up to speed, immediately after I made the decision to start blogging my product opinions and recommendations we moved to a new house with a lot less carpet than in our old home and I believed that it was time to start reading the ratings of vacuum cleaners and test driving a few that I borrowed from my friends.

The first vacuum cleaners that I picked up to kick off my vacuum cleaner reviews were the Dyson DC25 All Floors and the Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum that I initially fell in love with at first sight because of the lovely purple color. Who wouldn't love a sweeper that came in their favorite color? It makes me think that it might be good for vacuums to take the same route as dishwashers and refrigerators and include a selection of colored panels to pick from but let's not let appearance divert us from the pursuit of the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors.

Our borrowed Dyson vacuum cleaners were only delivered a day ago but so far I believe that I'm going to like this brand particularly the Dyson Animal Vacuum. I could tell when I emptied the upright Dyson Animal vacuum that it had gotten lint, dirt and pet hair out of our carpet that must have been there for quite a while. I couldn't believe that there was that much cat hair in our carpet that our Panasonic vacuum had left. The Dyson DC25 is a little more expensive than others we looked at but at this point my opinion is that it was worth spending a little more.

As impressive as the Animal's performance was, I'm not convinced that it is the best choice for my needs. I still have several more friends who are pushing vacuums my way to convince me that theirs is the very best for tile and hardwood floors. Meanwhile, I hope that my husband is not getting used to the floors being this darn clean!

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