Monday, July 13, 2009


It pains my heart to kick off my brand spanking new blog begging for vacuum cleaner reviews. I'm supposed to be the one issuing forth words of wisdom and household product reviews, right? Being a humble person, I am willing to admit that there are areas where my level of expertise in consumerism could use the opinions from other moms who know what is out there in a particular product line and right now I need some information on buying a new vacuum cleaner.

We recently bought a new house that has very little carpet, which is completely the opposite of my old house. The flooring here is hardwood and tile with the occasional area rug. I vacuumed the carpet at the old place with an Electrolux canister vacuum that was over twenty years old given to me by my mom. Money is always tight and it still works but I believe a new one might have better suction.
I liked the Electrolux and the thought of buying a new Electrolux Oxygen EL6988 vacuum that got very high ratings in vacuum cleaner reviews that I have read, offers HEPA filtration and is supposed to work great on wood and tile floors.

But then a friend of mine offered her opinion and said that since my daughter has asthma and allergies that I might want to consider a Miele because of their reputation for their HEPA filter system. Miele vacuum reviews give the Miele Callisto S5280 a mediocre rating for cleaning carpet and an excellent rating for bare floors so that works for me. However, in the area of price comparison, this model costs over $800 where the Electrolux came in at under $500. I'm not in the market for a cheap vacuum but when you can get an inexpensive price with the same or better performance, why not?

I'm looking for reviews and opinionis on an easy to use (yeah, right I know you're laughing by now), lightweight canister vacuum cleaner with highly rated HEPA filtration and a LONG cord that cleans tile floors and hardwood floors without scratching them.

I need your personal vacuum cleaner opinions and I need them quickly because my husband just mowed the grass with his new lawnmower (that's probably my next review)and carried a healthy portion of the grass clippings in the house on his shoes.
Will you please pray for me and then submit your vacuum cleaner reviews and opinions as soon as possible?

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